The central highlight of the venue is the spacious 5000 Sq.Ft air-conditioned hall that has an overlooking 2500 Sq.Ft balcony/viewing gallery and an east facing 800 Sq.Ft large stage.The halls gets its grandeur with its 30 feet tall elegant ceiling, white marble flooring, bright LED lights, toughened glass wall on one side and of course the balcony, viewing gallery and the raised dais. The hall adapts extremely well to any décor and backdrop of your choice adding brilliance and splendor to the function.

Lobby and Sit out Area

Our 1500 Sq.Ft welcome lobby offers uninterrupted and excellent view of the central hall and stage through transparent glass walls.

Our large sit out area, which also is the first entry point for the hall,  is one of the favorite place of our guests as they wait, relax and unwind !!. 

Comfort and Seating capacity

Except for the guest rooms, all the facilities are in the ground floor offering the extra comfort to the guests and hosts. Altogether we have a seating capacity of 1000+. 

Dining hall

Our 3500 Sq.Ft large dining space located in the ground floor and adjacent to the main hall is furnished with stainless steel tables and can accommodate around 200 guests at a time for seated meal servings. The kitchen and serve area are conveniently located next to the dining hall so that the food can be served hot and conveniently

Free Standing Buffet Area

The 2500 Sq.Ft large buffet area is adjacent to the dining and suitable to accommodate two sets of buffet stall counters. This area is also used to serve desserts and coffee.

Ample Car parking

We have two car parking areas totaling about 40000 Sq.Ft which can accommodate more than 150 cars comfortably.

Kitchen, Utensils and Furniture

Coimbatoreans, known for their impeccable hospitality, attach lot of importance to the food that is served during the function. While the hosts and the caterers take efforts to make it grand and tasty, we take utmost care to ensure hygiene.

We have a large kitchen space with all the latest and traditional cookware with central cooking gas connection. A separate hot plate area, cutting area, grinding area and store gives the caterers greatest of convenience to do their job without any hindrances. We also have an additional kitchen if one desires to begin cooking days prior to actual wedding.

We have sufficient utensils, which are all offered free of cost, to be able to cook for more than 3000 guests. Extra care is taken to ensure that the utensils are all washed, cleaned and maintained in the best possible and most hygienic way.

Magnificent Entrance Arch & Front Exteriors

The pride of the venue is the magnificently lit grand archway leading all the way from the gate to welcome lobby. It is today become a favorite among young guests for selfies !

A/C Guest rooms and Dormitories

We have a total of 5 guest rooms, each about 250 Sq,Ft and furnished with two double cots, attached toilets, almirah, water heater and air-conditioning.

In addition we have two large dormitories 600 Sq.Ft each, both air-conditioned, with two attached toilets in each and fitted with water heaters. Each of the dorms can accommodate around 40 guests staying together. We provide basic bedding facilities for the dormitories.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Safety of the guests is of utmost concern to us. The entire facility is CCTV monitored and equipped with fire-fighting equipment to ensure safety at all times. We do not allow any of the vendors to run open and unsafe wiring, which is a practice by many vendors these days. Our maintenance team continuously supervises the entire facility for any such unsafe practices during the entire duration of the function.

We provide uninterrupted power supply with help of 160 KVA Generator and an UPS Inverter to ensure there are no dark moments as you celebrate.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

We continuously work tireless to ensure the facility is extremely clean and high standards of hygiene are met. If asked to pick up one feature that differentiates us from others, our previous guests with no doubt will certify us very high on the Cleanliness experienced. 

Hindu Temple on premises

While we welcome guests from all religions, we do have a Hindu temple on the premises. It’s our way of seeking blessings from the almighty for the well-being of the couple and their families!

People Support

During the function, we ensure that a team of maintenance and housekeeping staff lead by the facility manager is available at the venue. It is a general advisory to the team from the founders, to treat every function as our own and ensure the guests feel absolutely comfortable and at home.


Our hall is extremely conveniently located on the Coimbatore Trichy National Highway, with open spaces, serene surroundings, plenty of fresh air, and round the clock Bus/ Taxi facilities availability.


We accept Cash, Cheques, All major credit cards, Online payments, Google pay, PayTM