About Us

SMB Vishesh Mahal, A place to Celebrate and Create timeless memories !

More than a Million feelings, Thousand thoughts and Hundred memories make up the fabric of love and life. Memories are timeless treasures of the heart. No matter what, some memories can never be replaced. Especially the ones we celebrate with our loved ones.  

In our culture wedding is not just a new beginning, but also once in a life time event, filled with joy and celebration, and it’s a festival whose vivid memories linger for a long time.

We understand this, and that’s the difference we offer. Everyone and Everything, at our place work to make the event truly unique and most memorable.-the ceremonies and rituals, processions and festivities, food and flowers and most significantly the importance of love and laughter of your loved ones.  It’s a promise that we make every time and keep all the time. Families who had already experienced our venue are the best testimony. Please ask any of them if you know, if not let us know- we will provide you with a long list !!!

We welcome you to experience the charm of SMB Vishesh Mahal! A place filled with Happiness and Joy, Elegance and Splendor, Comfort and Convenience, Safety and Security, Cleanliness and Hygiene.

A dedication from the founders

SMB Vishesh Mahal was built due to the inspiration & guidance of our grandfather Late Pulavar Shri. S.M. Mariappan. We dedicate this Mahal to his everlasting memories that he left behind with us !